X plane 11 shaders

We did not see any of these errors in the last few weeks of beta testing so it is very surprising to see it pop back up now. This site is being deprecated. Ask a Question. It was running fine for a while then XP11 told me there was an update to install which I did thinking it would be stability fixes etc Now I cant load a new flight as I get the error below. Something to do with GLSL pixel shaders. Any ideas?

x plane 11 shaders

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Please log in or register to answer this question. This was not caught during internal testing, but we have received tons of reports of this. PB4 has been pulled from the servers. Run the installer and pick "update" to roll back to PB3 and continue using X-Plane If you are not already using the latest, X-Plane should auto prompt you to update.

You can also download the latest installer from the website and simply run it to update to This site is no longer being actively maintained. Categories All categories. My x-plane installer keeps giving me this error Problem when starting X-Plane 11 after update. Privacy Policy.We fixed one major case skycolors were broken in b1 and added one major case custom billboard lights on aircraft in b2 — conservation of pipeline bugs! Null pipelines are a new category of crash in X-Plane A pipeline is just the Vulkan and Metal term for a shader plus some extra gak 1 that we use to do our drawing.

X-Plane This is a great pair of rules for us — it means if we build our pipelines at load time, we are not going to have stutters mid-frame. There is one down-side to the Why not just build every pipeline we could ever possibly need? Load time. X-Plane can build hundreds of thousands of pipelines depending on rendering settings, scenery packs, custom aircraft, etc. So we try to build only the pipelines we need.

If we build too many, we slow load, and if we build too low, you see this error. This is the only way we have of identifying who it came from.

The good news is: the auto crash reports for the pipeline crashes are insanely easy to find and fix. Mac users: if you see one of these, we need the Apple crash report — please send it in a bug report. The idea is to have the pipeline contain so much information that there is no risk that the driver has to build two hardware shaders for one Vulkan shader to cope with other fixed function state no matter how weird the hardware is.

x plane 11 shaders

From the article I understand that you try to predict what you need, but if this fails you get an error. If I understand this correctly, is this really a viable solution for the future? Obviously DXVK has no other option to do so, but building up a cache at runtime eventually eliminates all stutter and there is no risk of ever failing due to a non-existent pipeline.

This could even made hybrid by populating part of the cache up front and leaving the not so common stuff to build at runtime. Steam actually made this a core feature of the Steam client on Linux anyway by distributing pipeline caches and shader caches for specific drivers as product updates.

x plane 11 shaders

This might be a little excessive though. Unless the crash is deliberate in order to get the information, in which case the only thing that makes sense to me would be to find the most occurring ones. So basically the paragraph failed to explain its headline. The crash is deliberate to get the information. If we have code to build them on the fly and keep flying, we have two bugs: a stutter bug AND a missing pipeline.Windows 7 bit version or later.

Mac OS or Linux are not supported. Installed X-Plane SSD recommended. Up to 1. Internet connection. Please make sure your firewall and antivirus software are not blocking X-Plane and xVision internet access. All shaders adjustments and tweaks are unavailable for X-Plane versions Just unzip the distribution archive into a separate directory which does not require administrative privilegies.

For X-Plane ver. Solutions applying take a lot of time. New pre-Vulkan shaders structure have transformed some shader files from one single file in XP That's why solution processing needs more time. Each distribution package is a zip archive containing the following files: XVision.

Before starting the tool please make sure that: for X-Plane Tweaked or modified shaders can't be used by xVision and will be ignored warnings will be displayed in the program log.

In this case just put the original version of shader in sim and tool will catch them at next start. Your firewall and antivirus software are not blocking xVision internet access. How to start using xVision in general steps: 1. Start file xVision. Read EULA and accept it. Select directory where your X-Plane Put your activation key in xVision activation key you can also copy-paste it from Simmarket account or e-mail and press Activate button.

You'll get "Activation successful" message. Close this window. Main xVision window appears. Now you need to apply the desired solution. Press Ctrl-O or Open button on the left sidebar to load it. Answer No to save initial solution. Solution is loaded. Apply loaded solution to sim: press F9 or Apply button on a left sidebar. After applying solution start X-Plane. The first time you run the tool, it will ask you the main X-Plane installation directory, automatically detect target X-Plane version, find the appropriate resources, shaders, plugins and shaders cache directory and create an initial backup of main visual resources and shaders.

Or you will loose ability to restore original sim files! Since the xVision tool makes changes to visual resources and shaders of X-Plane it's important to restore them to original state before tool uninstall. Keep in mind that xVision will restore the selected resources to the state in which they were first started.By JympSeptember 8, in X-Plane updates. If you want to get a taste for what scenery designers can do and dont want to dig into your wallet, have a fly round the propstrike fisheries example, or the recent KMGM "payware for free".

Was just surprised it looked like it did from the Demo, yeah, got to have some type of 3rd party addon scenery to help it. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. An account is required to interact with and download content from the Threshold Forum.

Please read the Terms of Use. Reply to this topic. Recommended Posts. Jymp 0 Posted September 8, Posted September 8, Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 9, XP11 shaders were completely rewritten over the last 6 months. Jymp 0 Posted September 13, Posted September 13, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Followers 0. Go to topic listing.

Current Donation Goals Threshold support Don't have an account? Sign In or Sign Up. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information Please read the Terms of Use. I accept.However, the one big caveat to that is that we never considered the shaders to be part of the publicly accessible interface and they are in no way stable across versions.

X-Plane is an actively developed product and we are making a lot of changes to the codebase, including the shaders, so you should never ever distribute a plugin or tool that modifies the shaders.

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Additionally, there is a big change to the shader system coming in This blog post will cover the upcoming changes and hopefully convince everyone that the shader system is in flux and not to be relied upon as a basis for add-ons.

Just to make one thing clear though, the changes discussed here will only affect a very small number of add-ons! If you have no idea what this post is about you are not affected. If you do custom drawing for panels or GUI or even 3D and are either using your own shaders or never touch the OpenGL shader state, you are also good! Currently the shader system relies on runtime specialization, meaning we have all variations of our shaders in a single shader file.

We then compute the options we want based on the attributes we discover at runtime and based on that pick the right variation. For a simplified example, consider this. This makes it very easy to work with the shaders and modifying the master shader will modify all of the hundreds of specialized shaders that will be compiled from it at runtime.

The long story short is that historically GPUs have been very bad at dynamic branching and have always preferred execution with as little control flow as possible. This concept is neither new nor is it terribly exciting, however, X-Plane is departing from this classical design in favor of a Vulkan friendly and modern shader system.

In the future we are planning to switch to Vulkan and Metal for our rendering needs. We currently support 3 versions of GLSL; 1. That means we need 5 different versions of each shader. On top of that, Vulkan and Metal no longer allow the same kinds of runtime specializations that GLSL allowed and instead want shaders to be pre-compiled offline through their respective shader compilers.

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We thought long and hard about this shader problem, because we suddenly were faced with the possibility of having to maintain 5 versions of the same shader for our different rendering backends, as well as having to figure out how we want to ship all of that. Theoretically we could ship the shader compilers with X-Plane itself and still compile the shader at runtime, but that comes with a huge performance penalty attached.

Since our whole goal with the move to Vulkan and Metal is to improve performance, we decided to pre-compile our shaders offline instead. That means that at build time we will compile every single version of our shaders and save them to disk. Then at runtime X-Plane will load these shaders and not touch them any further. This is an actual thing; one of our heaviest master shader generates shader files per target i.

x plane 11 shaders

GLSL 1. That way we can have a single master shader file that gets compiled into all the required SPIR-V binaries and from there on then gets transpiled. SPIR-V is designed as an intermediate format anyways, so it seemed like good fit for our needs.A tool that helps simmers to make the most eye-catching virtual flight experience in X-Plane Three ready visual solutions Classic, Impressive, Nordic are included in the tool distribution package: "Classic" theme offers calming shades in the spirit of classical X-Plane 11 environment "Impressive" theme offers bright and expressive environment.

Is this X-Plane? No, it can't be Show me screenshots Main features Simple and user-friendly Strict control of X-Plane core shaders integrity and easy recovery original X-Plane shaders and visual resources. Detailed illustrated help on each tweak and its parameters. Implemented a detailed error logging system that will help to identify the problem s and fix them right away. Customisable skin of tool interface with hiDPI support.

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Easy to start: xVision installation package contains a couple of ready-to-use complete solutions with tweaks, scripts and textures. Option to tweak shader parameters via specific expressions makes adjustments extremely flexible. In addition to the built-in tweaks and post-processing you can also create your own tweaks. Post-processing effects. It does work with Virtual Reality environment Post-process effects that can be used natively in X-Plane without external utilities.

Brightness, contrast, saturation adjustments. Separate effects and adjustments for whole scene and for virtual cockpit. Each post-process effect can use X-Plane specific variables that provide the additional flexibilty. Visual resources and scripts management Lua scripts for FlyWithLua plugin management.

Why Is My Pipeline Null?!??

Flexible visual resources installer skycolors, clouds, spot lights, water textures and moreStoke City 16 16 4 4 8 19 35 -16 16. Newcastle Utd 15 16 4 3 9 16 25 -9 17. West Bromwich 13 16 2 7 7 12 22 -10 18. West Ham 13 16 3 4 9 14 32 -18 19. Swansea City 12 16 3 3 10 9 18 -9 20.

Our shaders don’t like to be touched

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