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These are interesting financial times in the Nigerian economy. Double-digit inflation, fluctuating forex and high liquidity. Smart individuals are exploring legitimate avenues to grow their money, increase their wealth or simply expand their income base. Some just want where to keep their money without it losing value. So many investment schemes offering mouth-watering returns with no established business models or structure. There are no viable business models that support such type of ROI.

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They usually end in disappointments and losses. Greed is not a savvy investment virtue, it is a vice that must not get in the way sound reasoning when making investment decision.

Truth is, no insurance company provides insurance for the fund you are investing in any investment scheme. Assets of the businesses can be insured, but investment funds are not. This is why it is imperative to properly understand the business model you want to put money in and focus not just on the mouth-watering returns but establish that they are powered by viable business models and structures to guarantee the generation and sustenance of the promised ROI.

Your money is secured and your returns are guaranteed, but inflation will likely depreciate the value. We can do business profitably with decent and sustainable returns on your funds. However, NFAL cannot guarantee that there will be no errors. NFAL or its employees or its authors make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy of the contents of this post. Neither NFAL, nor its employees and authors make any warranty, express or implied or statutory including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights.

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Every business opportunity comes with a risk. Even this KiaKia too has its inherent risks. So, one needs to understand his risk taking capacity before going into any business. So for me, I will appreciate u disclose Ur own business model and what U think urs is better secured than others. Your words are highly contradictory, you are promising almost the same returns you are trying to condemn in your post. What exactly does kiakia do and invest in if I may ask?

Feel free to contact mr Robert Smith on his private telegram Robertsmith in casa of binary option investment recovery of lost funds. Why keep it secret?

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This alone has discredited all your preaching. If i hear say i contact you. Na dem! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In his comments, Luigi Fava, Chairman of FAVA thanked BUA Group for the opportunity to work on this project saying that FAVA will bring its unrivalled expertise and wealth of experience to bear in delivering one of the best and most advanced pasta processing plants in the world.Global peer-to-peer crypto marketplace Paxful partnered with BuyCoins as part of its localization efforts to add Naira token NGNTa Naira pegged stablecoin, as a payment method to the platform.

NGNT is backed by Naira 1-to-1 meaning that one NGNT can always be redeemed for one Naira, giving the much-needed stability in contrast to usually volatile digital currencies. Nigeria is also becoming one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world. Paxful is a people-powered marketplace for money transfers with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Their mission is to empower the forgotten four billion unbanked and underbanked around the world to have control of their money using peer-to-peer transactions.

The company, founded inhas over 4. As part of their mission, Paxful launched BuiltWithBitcoina social good initiative to build schools funded entirely by bitcoin all across emerging markets.

BuyCoins is a cryptocurrency exchange for Africans. They create products and platforms that empower Africans to access and use cryptocurrency easily. NM Partners represent articles published in paid partnerships with corporate organisations. They include press releases, targeted content, and other forms of corporate communications on behalf of our Paid Partners. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.


In his comments, Luigi Fava, Chairman of FAVA thanked BUA Group for the opportunity to work on this project saying that FAVA will bring its unrivalled expertise and wealth of experience to bear in delivering one of the best and most advanced pasta processing plants in the world.

Groupfarma, an Agritech brand owned by Timesellers Limited acquires more hectares of land to expand their rice production.

In further reception of the Groupfarma brand by the people of Imeko, the Onimeko of Imeko recently presided over a meeting where major families signed contract of sale by which Timesellers Limited acquired 1, hectares of land suitable for all year rice cultivation. The land, which was acquired through purchase and lease, is altogether in excess of 7, hectares in volume.

The community also opened its arms towards Groupfarma for the construction of an end to end processing facility for rice in Imeko. With the high demand for rice, more requests have been received from farmers from that region to join the Groupfarma program.

Recall that the Federal Government of Nigeria recently began enforcing strictly the ban on importation of rice into Nigeria, making local cultivation and production of rice more attractive. Groupfarma has therefore embarked on the task of producing quality rice by cultivating 2, hectares of premium rice in Ogun State earlier this year. The current rice farm project has gotten to the harvest stage. According to Forbes Africathe Nigerian passport is one of the lowest ranking passports in West Africa, with visa-free access to just 2.

Nigerian citizens currently have visa-free access to 54 destinations, a modest Many of which are other African countries such as Ghana and Ethiopia. For High Net Worth Individuals and business people from Nigeria, this is very limiting and could be holding them back from various opportunities, restricting them with business, education and leisure. Now you have visa-free access to By investing in a government-approved real estate project like Kimpton Kawana Bay, investors will benefit from tax incentives, increased visa-free travel and even opportunities to live and work in the USA through the E-2 visa.

Get the scoops and market intelligence that can help you make better investment decisions right in your mailbox. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Related Topics: Paxful.Eo wa gbe jo. Ni kete bie base lotan ni ori olo keo te ni ifa ogundabede eo pe gbolohun re si kie to ba ro sinu akerengbe yen. IMULE ao ra awo igala odidi kan ao gesi 16 opolo gbigbe 16 eku asin 16 oga gbigbe 16 eyele funfun meji iku ijebu 16 eja ojiji 16 ako ako alangba 16 abo alangba 7 odidi atare 16 ao he epo obo si 16 weren jeje igo kan eso ido igo kan ewe alukerese topo bi mose koyi la o seto ao wa Jo gbogbo re papo ao lo yio kun na daada ao ma fifo komu laro kutu kutu ao mafi epo pupa la ni ale sun.

EBE Eye ega ako ati abo aofi ikode siwon laarin ao diwon ni ikobere ao jo pelu odidi atare kan. Aoma fepo pupa laa lale ao mafi iworiwo gangan foko mu tabi oti laaro. IMULE EBE AGBA Ewe orijin to po dada ojo, ojo konna lao jo, ao lo kunna dada, koni atare o, ao fi te ifa odu irete olota, eyo igi isano lao fi te odu ifa yi, ti aba npe ofore lowo, ao mu ogede omini kan dani, ti aba wa pe ofore tan, ao wa da ogere epo sori ebu na, ao wa fi ogede omini yen ro ebu yen ati ogere epo, ao ma wa fi kon je.

AWAMARIDI aolosi odo tonsan tele sugban totige aogbe koko oru totobi dielowo,aowa gbele niwaju omiyen aogbe oru yen bonu kotoyen,aowa rora laona fun omiyen debi tikoko yen wa,tiomi batinro sinu oruyen aoniki obinrinyen mase adura si,aowa fikale sibedi 3days,aosowipe kiobinrin muiro aso tobaferan dada lowo,aologbe omiyen nidaji kutu ojoketa iroyen lomafi su osuka,kogbodo soro sienikeni tiyofidele yomase adua iruomo tobafebi ni,tobadele kogbe oruyen sinu abokan tobamo dada,kowaje ewe akoko7,ewe iyalode funfun7,pupa7,koda awon eweyen sinu omiyen,tobawu kose aduasi,tobawu kofikale,omitobati jo sinu aboyen niyoma gbemu titi ominu oruyen mafitan ori osukayi lomagbe orusi tobafe mu omiyen,gbogbo igbati omibatijo sinu aboyiniki omamu o,omi inu aboyikogbodo kun debitoma se danu o, ise Yi Wa fun obinrin ti ile Omo re dipa ise aiye ni ooooooooojo ni awon ewe yen yio je.

Obinrin yio bere wiwere lojo kerin pelu kankan tuntun. Obinrin nikan loma nwe ose yio. Sisere:Aomu kowe si aarin ape yen,aoto ako alangba yika re,ao ge awo igala si merindinlogun aokole lori aofi epo iroko lekere pelu atare aojo papo ti obafe jo tan ao pa akuko kan aoro ejere si lori ina aoju oriree naa sinure Ti aba jo tan aolo kunna aoro sinu sere nla kan aofi akuko kan toku boo aofi ejere pa ara sere yen aole iye aya re mo ao gbe sinu aso funfun Lilore:A o maa fi foko tutu mu tabi oti lile laaro, Aomafi epo laa lale AWORO ao wa tangiri nla kan, ao wo inure kuro ao lo itun looto ifa loto, epo obo looto ao wa dasinu tangiri yen ao fi eyin adie ororo kan le lori ao wa de pelu ideri ree pada ao wa we lowu dudu ati funfun ao senu ona ati wole.

Ereele ewe ajeobale lopolopo,eso laa pupa,owo Ifun adie to tobi dada,epo obo ,ewe olorungo,ao gun gbogbo re kuna ,ao fose dudu ko,ao ma buwe ni araro. SISERE: Aogbe ako alangba kan sinu aso pupa aofi owu pupa di daadaa Aogbe ako alangba kan sinu aso funfun aofi owu funfun di daadaa Aogbe ako alangba kan sinu aso dudu,aotunfi owu dudu di daadaa.

Aofi ewe ewuro tele ape,aoto alangba yen lee lori gegebi aaro meta tiwon yiofi enuko enu,aoda eja ati opolo lee lori,aoko atare sii,aoko egbo tude lee lori,ao ko ewuro toku lee lori,aofi opolopo yika aaro ti afefijo ise yii,aojo papo,aoro sinu sere nla nla kan,aowagbe sori esu aopa akuko adie pupa kan fun aofi eje ati iyere mo Lara,aogbe sinu apo asunrun ti afi aso funfun,pupa ati dudu ran.

Bi mo se n je Igbin yi, Iwo gan ni mo n je ife okan re. Enitoba Dan iru nkan bai wo Kofi ile saso bora. Oku leleja nta ooooo. Ereele ewe ajeobale lopolopo,eso laa pupa,owo aganran tuntun marun otooto ,iye kanakana,oromo adie kan,odidi atare gidi kan,jijo ,eko tutu tabi milk alagolo kan tabi oyin ni lilo re ni idaji kutu diedie. Ao wa jo kowe ye ati oga gbigbe meje ye papo mo odidi atare kan. Ao wa da won papo mo rawon, ao fi ose popo, ao wa da eje eiyele funfun ye si, ao fi po po, ao wa gbe oku eiyele ye te inu ogba olomori, ao ko ose yen le mole, ao wa la ose ye larin dogbandogba, ao fi oga aye ye bo arin ose tala ye, ao wa da pa fun ojo meje, lehin ojo keje, ao mafiwe laro laro.

Ise yi, osise Debi pe ona kona ni owo ati mo wole funwa. Iwo tobajepe Ogun ki sise fun ti oba fe sise mu sugar onikoro pali kan koloda sile awurebe. Fun ti eje :-elo ra coca cola kan pelu tomato GINO, kie mix papo fun loju e se lo ma gain strength pada, i yen lo baun. Fun ti omi drips :-elo ra 7up ti ko tutu rara ,kie wa bu iyo die sinu, oma ru kie wa gbemu.

Lekeleke 1 eyele funfun I, ewe abamoda topo padi atare 1,ao jopo ao mafi fo eko mu lale IWE ITUWO AYE,Egbo igi Akoko ,epo igi Akoko ,ewe Akoko ao gun meteta yi po kuna pelu ose Dudu,ao fi epo pupa po ao pinsi ori Lankan meta, ago kan oru no ao we ise fun ojo meta,kerin ao mu igbin agbonu kan ao sokumo karahun re igbin yio famo igi Akoko yi,APA into igbin yi towa Lara igi yi ao fi obe han rare,ibibti igbin yi ranmo aolo pelu iyere ao rise igbin naje ,to olorun bawo loke ide maja 31 OSHOLE oloungbo toti ya wanna 1.

Ao ran pada ao wafi ewe ejinrin bo ni gbogbo ara ti koni yosita nibi kankan, ao gbe sinu agbada, ao wa Epo pupa, ori, ati adi eyan, ao da papo, ao gbe si orun ti yio yo papo, ao ma tasi ogun yi Lori ina tio fi jo tan,ao Lo ninu agbada, ao mafi oti OYINBO lo laro laro.

Wahalahi talahi sunmobila lasi ise unla ni 32 Oshole to jawo dada. Odidi oga aye totobi Kan. Eye ajibowu alagbede orun, Ao ki gbogbo ara bo enu oga naa tio wonu dada, leyin naa aoki owo tuntun ,si inu oga naa, leyin naa ao fi ori ajibowu alagbede orun naa si Anu oga, ao gbe sinu agbada Pelu atare Odidi Kan, ao jo papo ao mafi milk olope loo.

Ewelapalapa funfun merindinlogun 16ewe afeloru, iyo die, kainkain tuntun, ao gun ewe afeloru pelu iyo yen mo ose dudu ti o to we fun igba meta, ao wa gbo ewe lapalapa merinla 14 ninu omi ti a fe fiwe, yio ku ewe meji, ao mu okan ninu ewe toku naa.Ogede wewe pupa, ewe esinsin fun fun, ewe sawerepepe, ewe oyo, ewe rekureku, ao gun papo.

Ile iwe ogun yoruba to daju. Okete OOoye Kan, ao ge ori re ati iru re, ao ko ifun re jade, ao jo pelu odindi atare kan. Phyto-estrogens are known to bind to estrogen receptors of the uterus and they caninitiate the early events of estrogen stimulation including water imbibition and synthesis of induced protein as well as late events such as uterine growth. Volume Three N The article focuses on the human body as source domain in conceptualization of things and abstract notions in various target domains.

Irawo ategun ati iyepe duration: Fun owo kan. Agbo kokoro inu eje. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Pdf yoruba ewe ati egbo. Ewe kan waa ni ile yoruba oruko ewe naa nje EWE IPIN, ewe yii lagbara pupo, onaa ti a ngba lo ewe yii fun iwosan po pipo, a maa nlo fun iba ponju ponto, ogbe inu ati orisirisi aisan lara, awon Elede Gesi npe ni Ficus asperifolia ti enia baa ni ULCER olojo pipe, ti aba waa ewe yii ni tutu, ao fi omi gbo daadaa, eni naa yio maa mun ni araaro ki o too je ounje kankan, pelu Ogo Olohun Aisan naa.

Listed here are 30 funny, hilarious and weird Tinder bios. Uses Of Ewe Akoko. The use of our service. Iwulo omi agbon Iwulo omi agbon. Eruku si maa n fa akeeke ati awon eranko afayafa miran. Ogun amudo Ogun amudo. Oju lowo alalila pelu itumore ati asiri irawo eda, Lagos. Volume Two NOwo togbonan. Osohole:- Ori oka tolase leun kan, Awo lili totobi kan, odidi atere kan, Owo tuntun totobi a fa irun Ori lafatan ao fi Owo tele inu Awo lili na, Ori oka tele, atare loke a fi irun yen bo ao Jo a lokunna ao ma fi oti schnnap to gbona loo odaju.

This work can be use by anybody to attract big money to them in any line of the business they engage in. Tiwon baluwa londe oruka tabi bante komaranwa. Ilu Osole Owo. Alangba ako mesan, abo alangba meje, ao du eje penpeye ako kan sinu ape tuntun, ao wa la inu penpeye ye, ao ko awon alangba ye si ninu ati odidi atare kan, ao ran pa pada, ao gbe sinu ape, ao ko ewe ajaobale tutu ati ewe orijin tutu bo lori mole, ao jo papo, ao mafi mu eko gbigbona pelu orii ati oyin.

Sugbon nigbati Emi danwo, Mio koleo Sugbon hmmm!!! Nkan Ti mofise komabajeo!!! Aseje owo kiakia eto asopo join github today osole tutu aseje. Orange Box Ceo 7, views D:. Awure fun Anu tested and trusted Posted by: admin in Religion 5 Comments. Ilu Osole Owo, Ibadan city. Ekaro Gbogbo ile emi Omo yin ni Woli Opa mo npada bo.

Ni aiye atijo, awon baba waa maa nsope bi aba se ise kan boya ise naa ododun tabi ososu ni lilo re, hummm aiye igba ti won maa ni yen, Laye igbanaa O isegun ko po to aiye isinyin, Beni Alfa kopo laye igba naa, ladugbo mi nikan mi o le ka iye Alfa, Woli, Onisegun to waa ladugbo mi, se iyen ni emi ma sope maa maa duro de odun kan ki nto we ose kan?

Edakun e fun wa ni atude to daju. Local Service. Ewe a je ooo. Y: Ogun todaju. Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from Ogun Eyonu Awon Baba Wa Todaju, Doctor,Ibadan.

Saa bi oloogun ti wi o.Post a Comment. Any magical spell that make any amount of money you spend to buy something come back to you immediately is known as money fly to my purse. The nomenclature for this kind of spell in Yoruba spirituality is known as Ogun Anabo. This work will be documenting one of such spell. The essence of documentation is to prevent extinction and loss of genuine knowledge of this preparation if the occasion demands.

To prepare Ananbo Alapo, You will need the following items:. Eye Opee kan one Opee bird.

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Oko atare mesan nine clove of alligator pepper with scientific name Aframomum meleguetta. Ewe Abamonda mesan Nine leaves of resurrection plant with scientific name Bryophylum Pinnatum.

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Ewe Apada Mesan Nine leaves of Urira picta. Odidi eye aparo tutu fresh quail.

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Preparations :. Eye Opee kan one Opee birdOko atare mesan nine clove of alligator pepper with scientific name aframomum meleguetta Ewe abamonda mesan Nine leaves of resurrection plant with scientific name Bryophylum PinnatumEwe Apada Mesan Nine leaves of Urira picta.

These four aforementioned ingredients will be burn together to form a fine powder. You will get any amount of money of highest denomination that you can afford. You will mix this money with the powder obtain from the preparations. You will kill the Aparo quail.

You will pour sand on its heart, You will then pour a lot of guinea pepper on it and rub it chest so slice with a lot of guinea pepper powder. You will now pour the powder with the money you have previously mixed on it. You will bury it inside dry sand for seven days. You will remove it. You will use the Aso etu to make a bag or pouch. You remove all the money from the chest of the quail. All the money will now be put inside the Etu bag.

Ogun Anabo Owo Todaju

You will leave the money inside the Etu bag for another seven day. After that you can start to take the money from the bag to spend. The money will automatically find it way back to the bag, no matter the amount of time you spend such. To be used with extreme caution, power corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely. IMPORTANT NOTICE: As regards the article above, all rights reserved, no part of this article may be reproduced or duplicated in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying and recording or by any information storage or retrieval system without prior written permission from the copyright holder and the author Babalawo Obanifadoing so is considered unlawful and will attract legal consequences.

La nomenclatura para este tipo de hechizo en la espiritualidad Yoruba se conoce como Ogun Anabo. Sacas todo el dinero del cofre de la codorniz. Para ser usado com extrema cautela, poder corrompido, poder absoluto, absolutamente corrompido.We invite you to learn more about this programme.

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