Hemp drying services

Our company can continuously dry large quantities of freshly-harvested plant material in a short period of time, and without requiring much production footprint. Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Specialty Handling was founded in to provide efficient, secure, and comprehensive hemp handling services.

This is a brand-new industry, and many farmers have no contacts or knowledge of what to do after harvesting their crops. Specialty Handling provides the solution — farmers grow the hemp, and our company handles the crop and brokers hemp sales on behalf of the farmer. Sorry, unable to load Maps API. No Data Found Interested in this product?

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CBD Friendly Dryers for Industrial Hemp

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Hemp Dryers

Video not available. Close Menu. Remember Me Forgot Password? Change Location.Post Harvest processing is the immediate agricultural processing of wet and dried herbal material needed to prepare the hemp for industrial, food or medical use.

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Because the hemp industry is still young and growing, many new operators lack suitable equipment, infrastructure and systems to deliver a quality product. Industrial hemp processing for fibre, seed and oil is experiencing a renaissance as growers rediscover year old technology and innovate new equipment, products and processes to create a 21st century hemp industry. Whether processing hemp for industrial use or for CBD extractionthe same basic steps of post harvest handling are required.

Processing standards and equipment for Industrial Hemp Processing and Medical Hemp Processing are compared and contrasted below. Processing practices and equipment vary significantly depending on the variety of hemp grown, the cultivation style, the available equipment and standard processes in the region.

Because of the newness of the industry, different farms and different regions often develop unique approaches and technology. A key point to understand when developing processing solutions for industrial vs medical hemp is that even though both plants are the same species Cannabis sativa they are grown and handled very differently.

A good analogy is Canola vs Broccoli — both are the same species but have been selected for hundreds of years to produce a particular crop. Canola rapeseed is an oilseed crop, whereas broccoli is a flower head crop from widely different varieties of the same plant.

Likewise in hemp — some hemp varieties are cultivated for oil seed, some for food seed, some for fibre, and others for the resin component of the flowering heads. Many varieties are dual-purpose or multi-purpose crops which allow harvest of seed, fibre, and then finally processing of the hemp biomass for CBD.

When growing hemp for seed or fibre plants are grown close together which encourages long, straight stems and abundant seed production. Male plants are desirable to maximise seed formation and males are good for fibre as well. Plant spacing is often 10cm 4 inches spacing or even less, resulting in dense stands of tall, straight plants, looking almost like a crop of corn, sorghum or sugarcane. High CBD Hemp grown for medical use is best grown using purpose-bred genetics following suitable husbandry practices.

Unlike true industrial hemp, which has been selected for fibre and seed production, high CBD medical hemp should produce maximal flower and resin production. High CBD Hemp Cultivars exhibit the most desirable characteristics for the production of hemp derived-cannabinoid medicines. The plants generally look, grow and smell more like a marijuana plant than an industrial hemp crop.

Most of these strains are bred from higher CBD varieties of industrial hemp varieties with decent flower and resin production, which are then crossed high CBD medical cannabis varieties to boost potency and drug type phenotype characteristics. The ideal medical hemp cultivar will produce large crops of abundant flower heads with good high CBD resin production, while growing well outdoors in a range of weather events such as wind, hail, frost or drought. The quality of these outdoor flower crops should be comparable to that of a food crop, medical marijuana or recreational cannabis — after all — this is going to be used to manufacture medicine.

There is a significant flower for high quality flower which is used to produce products such as herbal teas and smoking products. Premium grade high CBD hemp flower may cost 5x to 10x more than most hemp flower which will only be used for extraction.

High CBD Hemp Genetics are beginning to be better understand now that cannabis is legally easier to study.Are you a commercial cannabis or hemp farm that wants to rent or purchase professional equipment to increase your productivity?

We connect commercial properties with equipment to better your chances of having a successful harvests. Contact us to see how we can help your business get the biggest ROI its ever had! Get the right lights, fans, and more to help your grow succeed no matter what! Find local trim machines to rent for your next harvest!

Automating this part of the process will help increase your ROI, and boost overall productivity. Some people prefer a hand-trimmed crop instead of an automated machine.

Harvesting Industrial Hemp for CBD oil - Dewatering solutions with VincentCorp screw press

But make sure to book them in advance, because once harvest time comes, you may be forced to do it yourself! Welcome to Trimbag!

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Simply the lowest cost human powered trimming machine on the market. Enjoy the feeling of complete control. Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Specialty Handling was founded in to provide efficient, secure, and comprehensive hemp handling services.

Hemp Robotics is an Oregon based company specializing in equipment suitable for hemp trimming, harvesting, and more. Removing water from flowers at low temperatures in a low oxygen environment is the key to the best quality product. Visit our community forum to ask questions and get answers for all niches related to legal cannabis and hemp. Automate your hemp growing, harvesting, and drying…. Our cannabis and hemp consultants are trained professionals who are standing by waiting for you to contact them!

Drying equipment can greatly improve efficiency in your operation by reducing necessary lengths of drying, significantly. Their dehydration technology can safely dry your cannabis product, without affecting its content.

hemp drying services

Yes, we have multiple trusted vendors that have shipping and delivering options, nationwide. Check with your trusted equipment vendor of choice to ensure they can deliver to your location, and to learn more about specific shipping fees or options. That depends on the size of your operation, and your desired final product outcome.

Many grow operations and farms use the following types of equipment to cut down on labor, and increase the number of harvests possible per year —. That depends on the size of your operation and desired final product outcome. However, due to the efficiency of equipment and reduction in labor expenses, many operations see a quick return on investment ROI. Request sent successfully. I am interested in listing my business on Discount Pharms.

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Category: Processing. In the second half of the s, Aliments Trigone Inc. Our specialties are hemp, black and green buckwheat, amaranth, sorghum, chick peas and brown rice. Country: Canada. American Hemp Seed Genetics. We use only organic practices. Industrial hemp seed handler — processor, seed producer, grower, drying, and extraction. Country: United States. Bafa Neu GmbH.

Description: Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung is a young and private initiated natural fibres processing company. We have a vast amount of experience in developing and modifying natural fibres during the harvesting, retting and decortication stages. Our ambition is to modify Hemp fibres to meet the demands of our customers and our project partners at the highest levels of quality and durability.

The environment comes first in all our various approaches, thus BAFA strives to advance both economic and environmental concerns for the mutual benefit of each.

Country: Germany. Blue Sky Hemp Ventures Ltd. Blue Sky expects to commission its first state of the art hemp seed processing facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in summer followed by large scale CBD extraction and stalk processing in Bluebird Botanicals.

CannaOil NL. Category: CBDProcessing. Description: Producer of highly-potent hemp CBD oil, and reseller of various hemp products. Country: Holland. CAT Scientific. Description: We provide post processing equipment; homogenizers, hotplate stirrers, overhead stirrers etc.

Our equipment gives you the ability to process beverages, edibles, topicals and tinctures. Category: ConsultingProcessingTechnology. Description: Offers creative technical solutions in fibre processing, biomass, waste handling, sorting and recycling, textile manipulation, manipulation and transformation of plate material. We offer you single components or complete processing lines, from the initial idea up until the construction of the machines and final installation on site.

Country: Belgium. Dewar Seed Farm. Category: FarmingProcessingSeeds. Description: Dewar Seed Farms, a small plant set up to process hemp seed for retail and wholesale business on a farm homesteaded by his grandfather in Dauphin. Dewar Seed Farms is a recognized leader activating in the seeds and bulbs retail industry.

East Mesa Inc. Description: East Mesa Inc. Our Colorado grown industrial hemp uses the highest quality clones, most effective extraction equipment, and tested against strictest standards. Our products and services are meant to help grow the CBD market and help other growers continue to improve on the quality of their products.

Hemp Drying Service

This site uses cookies as described in our Privacy Policy.Drying hemp post-harvest is the most important step to ensure product quality for CBD Extraction. If hemp is dried quickly, cleanly and with minimal damage or loss of the product it maximises the quality of food, medicine or fibre products from the harvest, while maximising storage life. Outdoor hemp drying can work very well on warm, dry days, but can result in significant crop damage or loss if rain, fog or other inclement weather slows the drying process and allows mold to set in.

When drying outdoors be sure to minimise dust, weeds and other factors which may contaminate the drying crop. Hemp Drying in a barn — note this shows dirt floors — unacceptable for GACP medicinal quality production, but common in the industry.

Hemp is often dried indoors inside large sheds or barns. Hemp plants may be hung from trellis, chains or other structures to maximise space utilisation. This allows air movement to evenly dry all buds. This is particularly important with larger plants and thick buds. There are a number of hemp drying machines which will rapidly dry large volumes of hemp plant material.

Some of these use excessive heat which may degrade cannabinoids and vaporise terpenes. Ideally hemp drying machines will use warm, dry air and movement to speed up drying, rather than using excessive heat.

For more information about Hemp Drying Equipment and other hemp processing technology submit a hemp project enquiry. Failure to plan for appropriate hemp drying conditions for the full crop is one of the largest causes of product degradation and quality failures.


Be sure to plan your hemp drying facilities and processes well in advance of your scheduled harvest! Free shipping in February Dismiss. Hemp Drying is the key to product quality Drying hemp post-harvest is the most important step to ensure product quality for CBD Extraction. Outdoor Hemp Drying In dry climates and for hemp seed or fibre use, outdoor hemp drying is common. Indoor Hemp Drying Hemp Drying in a barn — note this shows dirt floors — unacceptable for GACP medicinal quality production, but common in the industry.We provide extraction services as well as drying services.

We will modify our rates as market prices change. This address is conveniently located near the intersection of I and Lackman Road.

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Our facility sits in a large industrial complex, Mid-America Industrial Park, in the heart of Lenexa, Kansas which is in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our facility expands approximately 23, square feet. We enjoy a large warehouse area allowing us to store a vast amount of our growers hemp biomass in preparation for extraction. In addition, we have a sizable equipment room encompassing our premium extraction machines and milling equipment.

They have a huge amount of space to store biomass and to extract hemp crude. Industrial Hemp Extraction Services. Read more. We use state of the art technology and equipment in our extraction process. Our fully inline system includes winterization and decarbing within the inline system. Our Services. We provide high quality extraction services. Our partner will harvest your crop for you. Milling services available to increase higher CBD content in crude oil. Our partners can refine hemp crude into distillate, isolate, or other products.

Grower Partners. Growers can enter a tolling extraction service agreement. We offer revenue share programs.

hemp drying services

Our goal is to develop long term relationships. What Our Clients Say. Tracy Weaver Buying Agent. John Larson Financial Manager. Paul Duff Hemp Grower.California Hemp Drying Services is a full service hemp drying company. With facilities all over California we offer full service drying services. We organize your transportation to our facility, offer both hand drying and machine drying services, storage, bail drying and any other drying solution you need to make sure your product is market ready.

Plan ahead for the Hemp season. It is crucial to have a drying plan in place to make sure your crop is market ready. From start to finish we will assist with all the logistics and headaches associated with drying so you don't have to.

We offer all of the drying solutions a hemp farm needs to properly convert their product into high quality market ready hemp. Services include transportation, hand-drying, machine drying, bails and storage.

hemp drying services

With locations throughout California allows us to conveniently serve Hemp Farmers all over California. California Hemp Drying Services will organize the transportation to and from our facilities. Each drying machine can dry up to lbs a day. Drying Temperature: degrees. California Hemp Drying Services will hand dry your hemp in climate controlled warehouses to ensure your hemp comes out market ready.

We offer storage facilities for you to store your product. California Hemp Drying Services will bail any left over hemp product you have. California Hemp Drying Services.

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