22 pellet molds dies

Reply 4 years ago. Great idea saved me money and I can shoot as much as I want greater job and thank you for sharing.

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22 pellet molds dies

Maybe try positioning the pliers using grips, vice etc and a level under a drill press to acurrately drill a direct hole into the pliers for a more precise pellet cast.

Just if it helps ya. I will have to make a pair and try it with aluminum for testing. Reply 1 year ago. This came up on a survival page and it may sound like a dumb idea to some of you but unfortunately you won't be able to go to wal-mart and buy them anymore.

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Wally World and every other store will be gone. Lessons like this may keep you alive one day. Reply 2 years ago. Great, if you want to make really, really bad pellets. I note that there is no demonstration of how they shoot, which I imagine is not well at all. Airgun pellets are swaged not cast.

Don't waste your time, buy good pellets. Reply 3 years ago. They did something like this during the revolutionary war to make round shot in people's homes since America had no real military equipment at the time. Or they stole from the natives. Cuts down on supply line issues. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. Guns that could shoot 50 calibre miniballs were very real military equipment at the time. Both sides had them and if ya got hit by one it would tear ya up good.

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. Most of the firearms of that time were. In fact there was no distinction between military rifle and non military rifles. By Jezan Follow. More by the author:. Participated in the Metal Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ultralight 2-person 3-Season 35oz Tent by sg19point3 in Camping. Tower Tug of War by smogdog in Backyard. Hardwood Kubb by peterbrazil in Backyard.

Concrete Class 18, Enrolled. Reply Upvote.Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Looking for info on a. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Looking for info on a. What about a custom mold? Just to be clear I'am talking about a Air Gun in.

I think CBE in Oz makes a. Haven't looked at their line in a while but they did have one. Beeman's used to offer the L.

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Don't know if they still do so, but they might have a few still in stock. Googled LEM thats actually how I found this site. There was a guy that asked about them here awhile back and appeared a few members had some LEM'S,just have to post 26 times about a subject I know little about before I can post WTB.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section not really sure where this one should go. Bent Ramrod was in on that conversation as well I'll keep poking around. Thanks guys. A quick browse failed to turn up a pellet mould but they may still be able to make them. Thanks Beagle it looks like they do list some sort of pellet mold near the bottom. I'll try and get some info. I have several tins of. Are you interested? Am in Australia. CBE suggests swaging instead of casting.

I know less about swaging than I do about casting. Guess it dosen't hurt to check. Thanks to all.Reply 8 weeks ago. Reply 1 year ago. Although a better way would be to purchase some moulds to cast plastic pellets.

22 pellet molds dies

Any recyclable plastic would be good enough to be used as a raw material for the required product. You can probably make a ceramic or clay mold. Just make a 2-piece mold using a store-bought pellet as your templatewith a little hole to pour the hot lead through.

To make the mold, cut a pellet sized hole in a piece of wax-paper or aluminum foil. Lay it on top of one piece of moist clay. Then put your pellet in the hole on top of the clay. Press a second piece of clay over top of the pellet and the wax-paper.

When you pull it back apart, take the pellet out, and you should have a perfect pellet mold. Then make a small hole in one of the pieces of clay to pour the lead through. After you've poured your lead and it's cooled, you'll have to trim off any rough edges.

It's a little time consuming, but if you've got lead, clay, and plenty of time, then it's a good project. NOT: Be careful when handling lead!! You don't want to burn or poison yourself!! Answer 11 years ago. I would think casting long 'ingots' of lead at about. That does sound easier. I've not dealt with cold lead, but next time I try to cast bullets, I'll give your method a try.

My son just bought a black powder. Also, I have a. Answer 7 years ago. Never seen a. I would be very interested in seeing it. Answer 3 years ago. North American Arms makes a black powder. You can also get extra cylinders for faster change out reloading and they sell the cast. When I was a kid, I used to find 4.

Then I shot them out of my pellet gun. They weren't as accurate, but actually seemed to penetrate cans better. Answer 10 years ago. Answer 9 years ago.

I want to attempt to make paintball pellets for the air rifle i have. Check this guy out. A little on the expensive side but he hand makes every set. The quality and durability are also there so they should last a lifetime.

I'd like to be able to buy some. So, I'd like to make my own, if possible.Site Map.

Bullet Casting

How To. Contact us. Any caliber of air gun projectile can be made using Corbin equipment. The same tools can make a wide range of weight by adjustment. This style is usually called a "pellet", and typically has a hollow base.

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Often the smooth ogive style air gun projectile is called a "slug" instead of a "pellet" but for our purposes either name works. Both are lead bullets, or projectiles, for air guns.

Using a Swaging or a Reloading Press? You can swage SWC type pellets in your reloading press or in any of Corbin's swaging presses.

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The advantage of using your reloading press is that you don't need to buy another press. Select the underlined name to read about this kind of die. Remember, the same tool and procedure applies regardless of the caliber you choose.

You use one die per caliber, of course, but we don't list the dies by caliber, we can make anything you want. When you order, specify the diameter. The same die makes almost any weight, but you need to specify the minimum weight desired, the base style, the nose ogive shape, and the diameter desired. Weight is adjustable, but we can move the range to cover a different span depending on what you want.

With a reloading press, the nose punch typically fits into the slotted ram. You can also precisely pre-adjust the lead core weight using a "weight-adjusting" punch, which is optional.

Or you can just cut the core from lead wire, or cast the lead core from scrap lead, as close as possible and use that. It won't be quite as precise as if you extruded surplus lead using the bleed punch and then formed the nose, but it will work better than most factory pellets, which are banged around in a bulk container before you receive them.

.22 Caliber Pellets

You may want to include the optional "weight adjusting punch" which is a bleed-hole punch, allowing you to pre-adjust the core weight before forming the pellet. This gives you greater weight control and precision, but is not absolutely necessary for good pellets.

In the Corbin swage presses, the dies have built-in weight adjustment which takes place as the pellet is formed, saving one step and one additional component.

This design is not practical with a reloading presses, since the die fits into the press head and is surrounded by the threads, right where the bleed holes would need to be located! So here's what you would order specify any caliber.

LW lead wire of a diameter smaller than the die bore, so it will easily fit prior to swaging. For prices, see www. Swaging Press Pellets of.

Most people shooting spring-air guns will find the CSP-1 press with -S type dies to be exactly what they need, since the calibers are typically under.

HM Pellet Sizer

Pellets larger than. This die fits into the ram of the CSP-1 press. It forms the base with an internal punch that also ejects the bullet from the die on the down stroke, and the nose is formed in a cavity in the end of the external punch. The edge of the punch forms a small shoulder, which gives this kind of bullet the general classification of "semi-wadcutter", regardless of the actual shape of the nose projecting beyond this shoulder.

This kind of pellet has proven itself in international competition at the highest levels, provided the diameter is matched correctly to the chamber and the skirts are the proper thickness for the air pressure at the muzzle.Everything went smooth as silk. I went looking for Choosing your pellet size and brand is an important step for any air gun owner. If you have chosen a. Read More. We carry. Despite the fact that the.

You'll be able to rely on these. From rifles to pistols, these. Make sure you have a good supply of. You'll love the competitive prices we offer on pellets from well-known, trusted brands in the industry. Show Less. Air Arms Field Plus. Air Arms Diabolo Field. Air Arms Falcon. Beeman Crow-Magnum. Beeman Devastator. Beeman Field Target Special. Beeman Kodiak Copper Plated.

Airgun Pellet Mould From Cheap Pliers

Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy. Beeman Silver Arrow. Beeman Silver Sting. Benjamin Assorted Hunting Pellets.Forums Recent Posts New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity.

22 pellet molds dies

Account Upgrade. Log in Register. What's new. Recent Posts. New posts. Log in. Forums Tools Firearms JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter leaf and lightning Start date Jul 23, Joined Feb 5, Messages Likes 18 Location indian teritory. I'll check that out. Spork Supporter Supporter. Pellets are so inexpensive that it might not be worth the time and effort to cast them unless it was for special heavy hunting projectiles or the larger bores.

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Corbin makes special swaging dies for airgun projectiles A little bit about casting pellets at the bottom of this page - Link. Im mainly thinking of recycling my pellets from my trap and making some harder hitting rounds for hunting This thread reminded me of the days when pellets came in rectangular shaped tin boxes and BB's came in paper tubes. Maybe BB's still do.

I haven't bought any BB's in about 40 years. You must log in or register to reply here.Site Map. How To. Contact us. Any caliber of air gun projectile can be made using Corbin equipment. The same tools can make a wide range of weight by adjustment. Generally, "pellets" refer to cylindrical projectiles which can be formed in a straight hole kind of die. The term "slugs" is commonly used to refer to smooth ogive, bullet shaped projectiles that do not have a reduced waist or a shoulder.

Corbin does not produce tools to make the hour-glass shaped projectiles that can purchased "over the counter" through department stores. The problem with the hour-glass or "diablo" pellet is that it only contacts the bore in two narrow rings, front and rear, so any damage in shipping and handling may destroy the perfect air seal, causing differences in velocity from shot to shot depending on the location and amount of damage.

This kind of design is usually produced on high speed "roller" devices rather than Corbin's style of precision swage dies. The "diablo" pellet is well suited to mass produced, general one-size-fits-all-models shooting.

The easily compressed front and rear contact points, while fragile, do not introduce very much total bore friction. They can be pushed into various sizes of chambers and shot down different tolerances of bore with a nominal caliber size, usually.

22 pellet molds dies

A straight sided pellet, on the other hand, must be made much more precisely to a specific diameter to provide low bore friction. It usually need to be made as a bore-riding design with a base that instantly expands to provide a good seal and rifling engagement.

This provides vastly greater area than the diablo design for good bore alignment and air seal. The same amount of damage to a straight-sided pellet has very little effect on accuracy compared to an hour-glass shape.

The precise diameter control and adjustable weight allow for far greater accuracy, provided the shooter matches the diameter to his gun, and is willing to experiment with weight instead of assuming whatever is mass produced hits the peak accuracy in every gun. Another kind of air gun projectile is the smooth sided "slug".

There are two ways to make this style of slug. One uses two dies and can make extremely light-for-caliber bullets that have a larger hollow cavity inside than the tip diameter. The other uses a single die and makes a finished bullet with one stroke, which can have a hollow tip optional that is the same or smaller diameter as the tip.

First a lead core or piece of cut lead wire is swaged into an exact weight cylinder in the CSWS die. The internal and external punches that fit into this die will have projecting "tips" on them.


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